Thursday, February 7, 2013

Defiance MMO Rolls Into 2nd Closed Beta

Defiance has officially entered into it's closed beta phase. Right now players can head over to the website and join the fight for survival. The closed beta is free to join.

This is the game's second close beta which includes the opening of Von Bach Industries, a company which will play a major role in the game and the TV series. VBI is the industry that recruits Ark Hunters to seek lost and advance technologies from Arkfalls. Ark Hunters are people implanted with EGO, Environmental Guardian Online which modifies the human DNA to interact with artificial intelligence, identify threats or use their EGO powers.

The date of the next beta or "advance mission beta 3" will be helped during 22-24 March 13 as seen in

The event is only for PC only.

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