Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Defiance MMO to be Distributed by Namco in EU

The release date of Defiance, the sci-fi mmo is inching closer and closer for the month of February. While news about the game is scarce at best, this is a new addition to news surrounding Defiance.

According to a news post on Joystiq, Defiance MMO will be distributed in the EU by Namco Bandai. Namco Bandai is known for top-notch quality games which include Tekken, for example. Other than distributing the game for European markets across a digitally or via a physical platform, Namco has undertaken the task of distributing the game in other regions as well. These regions include: Europe, South Africa, Middle-East, Australia, and New Zealand.

For the US release, Trion Worlds is solely responsible for handling the game.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

What is Defiance MMO?

Defiance is a third-person action/shooter MMO game developed and published by Trion Worlds.

What is Defiance MMO? This is a game which takes place in a terraformed Earth; animals and plants have gone extinct with a couple exception of small patches of foliage scattered around the terrain. The plot is set around San Francisco Bay. Humans remained on Earth but soon Earth will gain new immigrants: the Votans. These are the aliens which travel through space in order to find a new home.

The landing of the Votans did not sit well with the residents; instead of living peacefully side-by-side, friction arose between the two.

While trying to live with the aliens, much of San Francisco Bay has yet to be explored with the recovery of lost alien technology fallen from the sky; these events are called Arkfalls. Arkfalls are events in the game where alien space ships fall from the sky and players (humans, aliens, friendlies and foes) compete for the alien technology in order to survive on Earth.

Unlike any other MMO released, Trion Worlds developed Defiance along with producing the show on Syfy with the same name. The game and the series will go hand-in-hand and characters from the game are expected to make an appearance in the series. The game's launch date is set in stone on April 2 and the live action TV series will debut on Syfy on April 15.

The game is featured to be action packed and engaging. As of the moment, the game is accepting beta applications for its first beta weekend designated for February 8-10. To know more about Defiance, this article here might help you to understand 10 important features about the game.